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Odysee For Teacher hadir Odysee Education is the leading Native Teacher recruitment service in Indonesia. We prioritize the happiness, competence, and support of our teachers.

Our focus is on providing teachers with the necessary resources to excel in their work and live comfortably in Indonesia. This approach sets us apart from other institutions and ensures that our Teachers receive expedited and top-priority consideration for their requirements.

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Sekolah Kristen Kalam Kudus

“Odysee Group memberikan pengaruh yang signifikan dalam hal peningkatan mutu Sekolah Kristen Kalam Kudus. Mereka sangat kooperatif dalam membuat dan memberi dukungan seperti menjembatani sekolah dengan institusi lainnya, membantu proses penerimaan SDM di sekolah, memberikan pelatihan kepada guru-guru, dan lainnya. Program CSR Odysee Group yang sangat berguna, sehingga kepala sekolah, guru-guru, dan siswa diajarkan untuk saling berbagi.“

Our Journey

  • School

    Odysee started its journey as a management consultant for the education sector...

    We have helped our clients to build schools such as:
    • Narada School (SPK) - 2005
    • St. Johannes Berchmans School - 2023
    We assist schools to train teachers as to become an overall better educator. Our founder is one of the first to introduce active learning in Indonesia, in which students are encouraged to participate in a more hands-on learning.
  • School

    A trend amongst school emerges...

    The needs of Native & Expatriate teachers emerge within different educational institutions to fulfill their bilingual program.
  • School

    Where the Indonesia’s education ecosystem stands...

    With the increase in demand, several agencies and non-formal educational institutions was born to tend to those needs, this allowed us to use third-party services for our clients.
  • School

    Odysee’s turnover experience from the use of third-party services…

    Much like most education institutions, Odysee and all of its clients experienced an increase in turnover rate from agencies that outsource teachers.
    Upon closer look, other agencies are doing bad practices towards their teachers (late payments, getting paid less than was promised, visa problems, etc.)

10 years later? Odysee is present in...




Our Top Partner Schools:

Odysee Education Guaranteed!

Flat rate payment all year round. Odysee will cover +/- 2 weeks of Government sanctioned holidays, and not to mention all payments are on time!
We do not schedule more than 1 school in each day. We want to make sure you will focus on giving the best to students without any distraction.
Our dedicated team will help you with any inquiries, whether that being academic or even day-to-day inquiries that you might need! we’re ready to assist you at all times in order for you to give your 100%
We pride ourselves in keeping our promises to further a positive synergy, trust is a two-way street
How Do We Support You… ?
We Focus On Exploring The Teachers’ Needs, Competencies To Provide The Best Teaching Facilities While In Indonesia
Performance Bonus
Your performance will determine your yearly salary increment and bonus.
Cultural Immersion
We often invite you to explore culture and tourism in Indonesia through our academic programs.
Professional Development Mentoring & Training
We regularly hold training and gathering for our teachers community, as to promote development and chemistry as a team.
We provide facilities and benefits such as accommodation, medical, and transportation allowances.
Academic & Hotline Support Team
Our dedicated team is ready to assist our teachers at all times! From Academic related affairs to basic information, you will get a solution from us.
Professional Developement
We have regular assistance for the developmenr of teachers by professionals
Big Community
Our large community of teachers is available for you to share about all things related with education or teaching at schools.
Easy Registration
Our simple registration process and data verification can have you become a part of our community in no time!
Contract Completion Bonus
Upon the completion of your contract, you may be eligible for a bonus!

A Simple Registration Process!

Sign Up On Our Website & Complete Personal Data with Resume Attached
Pre-Selection of Resume
General Interview
Profile Matchmaking of Teachers and Schools
Academic Interview & Offering
Demo Teaching & Introduction To The School
Onboarding Training & Placement To The School
Performance Supervision


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Frequently Asked Questions

We accommodate to teachers’ preference, however it does not eliminate the possibility of exposing teachers to teaching grade levels that might be new to them.
Our academic year generally starts in July until May or June, but we are always hiring all year round! At times we do have position(s) that may open in the middle of the academic year.
Our offering package will already include the housing allowance among other things. Teachers can opt for having the company assist in finding housing based on the allowance.
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